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Hi! I'm Mae Grace Jayme Harashima. I am a graduate of AB Social Sciences at the University of the Philippines and I have taken some units in the graduate study program of the same university, with specialization in language teaching, majoring in ESL (English as a Second Language). I have lived here in Japan with my family for more than twenty years and have been working as an English instructor . I have been traveling a lot recently and in my free time, would want to meet up with nice Japanese who would want to improve their English language ability. It would be nice to meet you and have fun learning and communicating in English! I am married to a Japanese and with three grown up children now. I engage myself in a lot of learning activities especially those dealing with the understanding and appreciation of the Japanese culture. My hobbies are yoga, kimono dressing and photography. I love them all equally. I do yoga at home whenever I have the time, and when I am so stressed out. Yoga has the relaxing effect not only to the body but to the overall emotional health of a person. The same with photography, for it provides you with the platform to release your creative energies and be inspired by your chosen subjects or models. Kimono dressing is the most challenging for me, for it involves a lot of difficult skills and movements that have to be practiced and remembered over and over again in order to attain a certain mastery of the art. One has to have enough passion and deep interest in the total aspect of the art of kimono dressing in order to learn the artistry and excel in it, too. So far, life here in Japan has been full of learning, fun, discoveries, events and wonderful people in my life. It will be my pleasure to share these experiences with you. As I am looking forward to listening to you about your experiences, as well.