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Nice to meet you! I'm Dorian, originally from Bath in the UK but now living and working in Tokyo. I mostly teach English and mathematics, but also occasionally computing and physics. 日本語は割合に簡単な会話と読み書きができます! I moved to Japan 18 months ago and have been teaching here ever since. I specialize in teaching conversational English to Japanese adults, which makes it very easy to catch and correct literal translations from Japanese that other teachers may find quite difficult! My lessons are student-focused, emphasizing fluency and sounding natural above all else. If you would like to use a textbook but aren't sure which one to choose, I can help. I started teaching mathematics during my third year of university in 2011, and have since taught all levels from junior high school to sophomore, both in large school classes and in private one-to-one tutorials. I've previously helped students prepare for Oxford and Cambridge entrance exams, understand and compute statistics for master's theses, and write Python code to simulate random walks. If you aren't sure whether I can help you, just ask!