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We "PC Club Togitsu Classroom" is a cute computer classroom in Togitsu-machi. You can relax and study with a homely atmosphere. Chatting during breaks, teaing slowly after lessons ... I will do my best to study hard, I also want time to relax. "I want you to get not only knowledge and skills, but also energy and peace." And we are thinking. Why do not you study comfortably like going to your friend's house? Those who want to start with a hobby · those who need work at work · those who want to take qualifications, Everyone is welcome. I will cheer for you "I want to do" with full power!

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This classroom is a test venue for obtaining various PC qualifications. You can take the following examination exams. · zennihonn jyouhou gakusyuu sinnkoukyoukai · nihonn syoukoukaigisyo · Certify · mainichi pasokon

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