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After working for several florist in Tokyo, I moved to London for two years where she worked at Blue Lavender the famous natural style florist. I also worked freelance, decorating restaurants, shops and handling the Flower arrangements for all kinds of events. During two years in London, I studied at "Capel manor college and obtained my certification, completing "Garden Design level 2".

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Mio's Flower&Garden Design is a bespoke florist based in Tokyo. "Mio's" creates arrangements for events including parties, Weddings and Contract flowers, Flower gift etc... Before I set up my own business in 2016, I'd been working at Florist in London for 2 years. And also working as a freelance, decorating restaurant, shops and handling the Flower arrangements for all kinds of events. All my inspirations come from all the natures including English garden. Natures is both my passion and great inspiration. If you I am very welcome if you contact me in English.

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