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〈Flower Lesson〉 Each month we offer lessons in floral arranging. We change our theme monthly. Each lessons is limited to 6 people. The lessons are offered in a block form,allowing students to interact with each other and the teacher freely. Biginners or those with limited training in floral design are welcome. We encourage everyone to try floral arranging here. 〈Flower Order〉 Also, we accept the following order. ・Gift (Flower Arrangement, Bouquet) ・Flower Display For Your Home ・Chrismas Wreath etc. 〈Home Party Decoration〉 We are prepared to meet your needs in planning your home party decorations. Your special day could be filled with the beauty flowers and the natural ambiance they bring to a special gathering. Surround your guests in the beauty of flowers. We will work in conjunction with you to make your day complete. Your special day is set within the beauty of flowers. We encourage you to advise us on the main flower you would like to use on your special day. Keeping your requests and design images in mind, your floral designers will work with you to create an original design for your party. With a wealth of experience, our portofolio of events will help to inspire you. At the initial consultation, we will discuss every aspect of your party and the flowers you chose to accompany your day. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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〈Employment History and Work Experience〉 April 2008-2013: Pas de Deux ・Being a school assistant February 2007-August 2007:Claridge’s Flowers and Gift ・Flower conditioning ・Displaying in the bar ・Making bouquets and flower arrangements December 2006-August 2007: Paula Pryke Frowers ・Flower conditioning ・Being a school assistant ・Making bouquets and flower arrangements April 2001-March 2006: Pas de Deux ( a florist)Tokyo, Japan ・Flower conditioning ・Making wedding bouquets ・Displaying in Salvatore Ferragamo in Tokyo ・Being a school assistant ・Making and displaying wedding party flower arrangements 〈Others〉 September 2002-2011 Flower School in Pas De Deux, Tokyo, Japan 2006 Diproma course 19-23 September 2006 Certificate in Paula Pryke Flower School in London, U.K (4 days intensive course and party flower course) April 2001-March 2003 Professional Course in Jane Packer Flower School, Tokyo, Japan

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