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花屋さんとして働きました。 ウエデイング会社でフラワーコーデイネーター インド大使館では首相の日本訪問 (ボランテアインタプリタ - 日本語通訳)

Do you have any special skills for this job?

Japanese Language Proficiency Test JLPT level 4 Jetro Business Level 3 Japanese Language Proficiency Test JLPT level 2 IFA Certified Professional flower Designer and Flower Cordinator in Fresh Flower (Tokyo) Certified in Preserved Flower Diploma Basic (Tokyo) Certified in Preserved Flower Diploma Masters (Tokyo) Candle Designer (Tokyo) Table Cordinator (Tokyo) Certified Wedding Planner (Tokyo) Worked as a florist in Tokyo. Worked as a Flower cordinator for a well known wedding firm in the heart of Tokyo which has its branches country wide. Volunteer Interpreter for the Indian Embassy during the visit of Hbl. Prime Minister of India to Japan.

What do you like about this job?

I have a very creative personality. I can speak fluent English and Japanese. I am so very much interested in bridal industry that I have professionally taken courses on wedding planning. I have also learnt the art of candle making and table cordination. I do have a good sense of colour cordination. I am friendly comfortable to work with understanding clients requirements. Clients satisfaction is my motto.


I am a female and have a friendly personality

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