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Learn Violin Differently - www.violinwithpaul.jp The unique element of our violin lessons is that unlike other music schools, you will learn how to play violin from a professional musician who is active in Tokyo’s music scene. Paul Florea’s profile as a violinist who plays concerts and events in Tokyo will offer students special insight about performance, such as how to interact with the public or how to convey emotion to your audience Programs Tailor-made to your needs Every violin lesson is adjusted to match each student’s personality, preferences, skills and goals. Paul Florea will create an environment in which students can reach their highest potential by building up the students’ self-confidence and by nurturing a teacher-student relationship based on trust. Introduction Program: My first notes A special program created for people who would like to experience the pleasure of playing the violin. This course is where you can discover the desire to become a violinist by understanding the basics of playing the violin, such as how to read notes, how to tune your instrument and other crucial elements. After completing this program, you will be able to: hold the violin, play some scales and short songs on the violin. Once you build a strong initial foundation, it is recommended to move on to the Basic Program. Basic Program This comprehensive program is for violin beginners and for intermediate violin players who wish to refresh their technical skills. The course provides you with a good start and teaches you the right way to study the technique of violin and the technique of the bow by introducing you to the most important parts of learning the violin. LEARNING TARGETS Bow Fundamentals: this course will teach you the mechanics of bow, including speed, pressure and bow holds. Advanced Bowing and Left-hand Techniques/Articulation: after mastering the bowing fundamentals, this program moves on to advanced bow strokes and playing techniques, such as harmonics and higher positions. Intonation: this program aims at training your ear to recognise different types of notes and to improve your intonation. Vibrato: after learning the bowing technique and intonation, the course teaches you vibrato, the signature technique of the violin that adds richness, ‘color’ and emotion to your sound. Comfort and Posture: Last but not least, the courses teaches you methods for staying comfortable while playing the violin and how to perfect your posture. Color and Tone: Bowing on another place on your string makes your violin sound different. This course teaches you how to produce ‘color’ through various bowing techniques and dynamics. Custom Program This program is tailored to the desires and concrete needs of the students. Whether you need help preparing for a music competition, a concert or whether you wish to improve a specific part of your violin technique, this course will help you reach your objectives. Special Program Gypsy Violin Sound When studying classic violin, you learn how to reproduce exactly the notes written on the page, how to play with long, even bows and consistent vibrato. Gypsy violin is more than that, as discipline and technique are applied in a different way, with more swing and a loose attitude. This course will teach you all the valuable insights of Gypsy style that Paul Florea has acquired throughout his long career as a django jazz musician. The program includes studying several music styles such as gypsy style and improvisation. Both amateurs and professional violinists are more than welcomed to take this course. The repertoire will be adapted to your level. LEARNING TARGETS How to play with color: Emotion is an important element of the Gypsy violin sound. This course will teach you how to use musical ‘color’ and playing techniques to influence the audience's perception and emotion. Playing different styles: The course facilities you with a rich Gypsy repertoire consisting of famous music selections such as Czardas by V. Monti, Zigeunerweisen (Gypsy Airs) and Hungarian Dances by J. Brahms. How to improvise: This course will teach you the art of improvisation by introducing the key factors for a proper improvisational technique, which is also crucial for the Gypsy style and sound.