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Improve your body, Improve your Mind, Improve your life! Welcome everyone! (For people looking for English teacher please scroll down! 英語を勉強人下にスクロールしてください!) パーソナルトレーナー: Our desire is to help you achieve your fitness goals. Whether that's losing weight, gaining muscle, having a 6-pack or just becoming more healthy and active - EigoFit is committed to getting you there. The biggest reason I know we can help you succeed is because I was the same as you. After college I became pretty lazy and I never really ate very healthy or balanced. As a result I gained weight, lost energy etc. The American food diet didn't help, lol. Once I started to focus on fitness and nutrition however, I started to see great changes. I became more energetic, started to lose weight and got stronger. It's been an amazing journey for me and I want to help you have that same feeling of empowerment and confidence from fitness. Achieving the body that you want is a journey. EigoFit believes that you are in control of your destiny. We'll help you not only with technique and motivation, but also provide sufficient knowledge so you can take agency in your fitness growth and development and enjoy the process. First session is half off! So please book now to take the first step to a new you! トライアルセッションは半額!予約して新しい体始めましょう! English Teaching: Now also accepting sole English learners! We have a variety of services from conversational to business English. We can use textbooks, read articles, use videos, or just chat! For more info please check the services!