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Hair Stylists in Japan

Hair Art Kei

美容師免許 Beautician license bridal make-up /shooting make-up Canon EOS 6D /photoshop,illustrate Color coordinate ..
I'm a hair and make up Artist for the shooting.I have my salon at Tachikawa.Icould do the Hair arrange ,Make up for Bridal,Shooting..We have the Kimono Stylist.
Female I can offer you various design of Kimono for rental. I will also provide you hair design that goes with style as part of the experience.
We have a store in Oita, Kyushu, and we mainly operate hairdressing and beauty care. Some people have acquired special skills such as manufacturing, cutting and installation of wigs for men.
The Cleaner I am "The Cleaner". I am an experienced professional cleaner, servicing Apartments, Houses, and Offices. I am based in Meguro-ku, Tokyo and conduct business in Japanese and English.
Hi! . I have an experience as a hair stylist for around 2 years..
Freelancer Hair&Makeup I got a hairdresser's license. 30 years of experience. I belong to an agent" Cheveuxcourts".
hair&make-up kimono wedding hair&make-up/Atelierdiva.

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Need a Hair Stylists

 Nagoya Shi Atsuta-ku, Aichi

Request Type
Hair Stylist

Under ¥5,000

i was invited to sing at a fancy party and I would like to curl and style my hair