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Belly Dance Lessons in Japan

Thanks! Hi. I'm Asherah. I'm Oriental dancer from 12 years ago. I know anatomy very well becouce I'm Ciropracter too from 15 years ago. If you want to get Helth & Beauty, let's Bellydance with me! I...

Belly Queen Japan

10 years of dance experience in Egypt Egyptian belly dancer Folklore dancer Instructor Owner of Studio Habibat Belly dance career 18 years Belly dance instructor career 11 years The commission of ex...
Many interesting dance and music. We management dance and music lesson at Kichijoji, Tokyo. I am happy to look student become beautiful and hapiness.
I studied in several countries, therefore, my listening skills is very good. I tried teaching English to foreigners before so I know that I can do this job pretty well.
Thanks later.

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